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A true story of my life.
Location: Waikiki, Hawaii (1998)
 Available in English in book stores worldwide
and at and
ISBN number: 978-0-557-85218-5






Hawaii. A young woman, international student (myself) accused of prostitution, drug dealing, money laundering and first-degree murder, chased by the FBI, fearing for my own life. 



MAY 11, 2011 JPX MEDIA GROUP LOS ANGELES announced that 'MAHALO SUNRISE' has been honored as award-winning book in the 'true crime - non-fiction' category of the International Book Awards Los Angeles 2011:


'Evil lurks behind the beauty of lush tropical settings... If you want a suspenseful story plus a trip to Hawaii try 'Mahalo Sunrise' - A true crime and thriller with a touch of romance - A chapter in the author's life. 'Mahalo Sunrise' sets a strong pace from the start with riveting action and original dialogue. It is a gripping story that grabs the reader, gives everything a reader could ask for in one book; greed, lies, dark secrets, crime, murder, romance and psychopaths. A story that became the largest FBI operation in Hawaii's history!  It is a roller coaster of danger and disaster in every corner. Be prepared to be taken on a thrilling, intriguing journey to paradise that turned into hell! 

Islands of everlasting spring, land of smoking volcanoes,
where life sometimes runs on cocaine & crystal meth!

A zealous Swiss student at Hawaii Pacific University unwittingly caught in the middle
of prostitution, drug-dealing and money-laundering?

A zealous woman accused of first-degree murder on American soil,
fearing for her own life at the same time.
What if the FBI knew everything about you? Your lifestyle, your habits, your whereabouts at every moment? A 67 page file proves it all? What if the FBI suddenly storms the place where you live and arrests you?
Fingerprints never lie!

Serving a life sentence behind bars in a high-security wing in Honolulu,
then in Los Angeles!

Guilty or just in the wrong place at the wrong time?
When paradise turns into hell!


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