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I traveled across Australia for 6 months and lived with Aborigines
in the Outback for several weeks;
then worked for Adilam Electronics in Melbourne, AUS.
Best newcomer fine artist of the year, Manhattan

Spotlight report 'newcomer artist' in the
film maker magazine Los Angeles

Old age makeup artist for film and video at
Last Looks Makeup Academy, Los Angeles
Avid film editing & motion graphics school,
Video Symphony, Los Angeles
Copyright of 'Mahalo Sunrise' (film treatment)
Registration #1322103) - Writer's Guild West California

Bald caps & skin tone makeup for film and video at
Last Looks Makeup Academy, Manhattan
International forensic photography workshop at the medical
examiner department, City of Miami police department 
Published 'Mahalo Sunrise' in German
ISBN 978-0-557-37646-9
Published 'Mahalo Sunrise' in English
ISBN 978-0-557-85218-5
True story of my life - Happened in Waikiki, Hawaii.
Launch party & book signing 'Mahalo Sunrise', at the
Hotel Surfcomber, Miami Beach
International Book Award Los Angeles for 'Mahalo Sunrise':
Category: Best true / Non-fiction story
Book Expo America, Crystal Room,
Javits Center, Manhattan NY: Showcase of Mahalo Sunrise
Spotlight report - Florida Sun Magazine (4 Seiten in deutscher Sprache)
Please click here: Spotlight Report
On various radio shows in Miami, Delray Beach,
Los Angeles, including NPR
Veröffentlichung von M.I.A. P3 - Albtraum im Doppelpack
in deutscher Sprache. (Seit November 2017 im Buchhandel und online erhältlich.) Schauplatz: Miami.
Published 'M.I.A. P3' in German - ISBN 978-1-387-20608-7
Another true story of my life - Happened in Miami.





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